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Straight Forward Financial Growth

We exist to help 1,000,000 people change their financial story by giving them tools to manage their personal and business finances better.

The Problem

Why we do what we do

In 2010, I woke up to the reality that after nine years of hard work, I had nothing! I had no assets, no financial goals and no knowledge about how money works. In reality, I was at the same spot as the people who were leaving university that year, nine years after I’d left. It was as if I’d been jogging around the starting line for nine years!

As an architect, I was involved in a profession that had great potential for financial success, and yet because of a lack of knowledge, I was set up for a life of struggle, living hand to mouth and just getting by. The issue wasn’t a lack of resources. It was a lack of knowledge.”  Moses Mukisa, Author, SFFG

The Solution

Financial Growth Coaching

The purpose of the Straight Forward Financial Growth (SFFG) coaching is to provide the participants with the skills and tools to start them on a successful journey of wealth creation.

Over the eight sessions spent together they will:
• Learn the essentials of financial growth
• Find out why wealth creation is a Kingdom issue
• Increase their income streams through working hard and smart
• Plan to scale their work and businesses
• Make a management plan and budget for their money
• Work out their net worth, cash flow, and investment analysis
• Learn the grace of giving (Tithe, Firstfruits and Generosity of Kings)
• Practice the Generosity of Kings by giving a significant gift to another person in the group


My target this year is to have 20 income streams and I am pushing myself to get there before the year closes. I managed to start 3 businesses this year and one of the exciting ones was becoming part of the ‘Future Housing and Space’ which is a group investment led by Apostle Mosze and Pastor Sarah Mukisa.

Dr Emily Bagarukayo, Kampala, Uganda

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